Rear view of female psychologist helping young family

Child Psychiatry

Children’s mental health is an essential component of their overall health and development in early years. An adolescent’s optimal mental health can help them to transition into challenging young adult life with desired success. When a child is suffering from anxiety, depression or behavioral problems, a child psychiatrist can help to properly diagnose and treat underlying condition to provide early intervention. It is commonplace to label a child with behavioral problems as ‘lazy’ Or ‘difficult.’ Often times, child’s behavioral problems can be explained by underlying psychiatric illness. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a child and adolescent psychiatrist can provide therapeutic ways to address child’s behavioral concerns. An individualized treatment plan can be created to address the needs of each child and family.

Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disorder and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders among children and adolescents. If left untreated, children’s mental health problems can have significant impact on their academic progress, social functioning and self-esteem. A variety of evidence-based treatment options are available to help children who are suffering from mental health disorders including play therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication treatment if needed. 

Mental health professionals including Child Psychiatrists and Child Therapists often collaborate with child’s parents, teachers, pediatricians and other relevant people to help child function optimally in school, home and other important settings.