Frequently Asked Questions

Please e-mail any general clinical questions you may have that can be included in our FAQs. You may address questions directly to a specific physician.

When do I need to see a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is not limited to treating the severely mentally ill nor only seen when events begin to unravel. There are many reasons why someone may seek a psychiatric evaluation, including ongoing relationship difficulties, work or school stresses, unhappiness, and anxieties.

Why should I see a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is able to offer a more comprehensive evaluation considering medical, psychological, and social factors that may be causing or worsening any ongoing distress. They are able to both provide psychotherapy and prescribe medications.

What problems do you treat?

What insurances do the doctors accept?

Our office currently is accepting out-of-network patients and those patients with Aetna. Please note that this does not include Aetna clients whose mental health treatment is contracted out to another managed care company. Most patients with insurance utilize their out-of-network benefits which typically reimburse 50% to 80% of the fee. A deductible or other restrictions may be involved.

What do I need for my first consultation?

Please take a moment to complete the initial patient packet found in our policies and forms section. Any copies of prior evaluations, labwork or prescriptions are also be helpful.

How is your practice different?

Many psychiatrists prefer a medication management model style of practice involving seeing patients every few months for a brief 10-15 minute “medication check.” Our physicians prefer a more balanced approach with more regular visits and more time allotted to each visit. While biology certainly plays a vital role in mental health, many issues and concerns are difficult to address with a simple pill.

For any further questions, please contact the practice main office at 201-222-8808.
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