The physicians and staff of Hudson Psychiatric Associates, LLC, takes your confidentiality seriously and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The privacy of our patients is respected, and, except in a few cases mandated by state and federal law, information about treatment and care will not be released without the patient’s express consent.

Patients are responsible for being aware of current insurance coverage. This includes the details of:

      • Out of network benefits
      • Deductible and/or “out-of-pocket”
      • Need for pre-certification
      • Current coverage and co-payment
      • Maximum annual visits
      • Current visits remaining
      • Any changes in coverage
  1. If you have exceeded your benefits covered, you are responsible for the full payment for any uncovered sessions.
  2. Your mental health coverage may be “carved out” to other managed care companies. We are considered out-of-network with those companies.
  3. Please note that your insurance may place limits on the number of visits allowed per calendar year. This may not be sufficient to cover the clinically appropriate level of care determined by your doctor.

1. To ensure quality of care, regular follow up with routine office visits is necessary for prescriptions to be provided. 

2. If 2 or more scheduled office visits have been missed, or the time since last visit exceeds 90 days, the physician must be seen before any prescriptions are written.

3. Please inform your physician about needed refills at least 3 business days before your medication runs out. Set aside an emergency reserve of 3 to 5 days of each prescription .

  1. Because your appointment time has been reserved for you, you will be charged for cancellations with less than 48 hours (two business days) notice. For example, if your appointment is scheduled on a Monday or following a long weekend, please call on the preceding Friday.
  2. Charges for missed appointments are not covered by your insurance and are due and payable prior to any further appointments. Please note that such charges include the amount normally covered by the insurance company in addition to the copay amount.
  1. Payment is expected at the time of appointment. We accept cash, checks, Visa or Mastercard.
  2. A receipt will be provided that can be submitted to your health care plan for out-of-network benefit reimbursement.
  3. Requests for written reports or records may incur additional charges.
  4. There is a $50 charge for returned checks.

Telephone Calls

Please leave your full name and phone number with your message. Please leave the best time of day to call.

If you need more information about our policy, please call our office.

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