Linda Chuang of Hudson Psychiatric Associates

Dr. Chuang

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of disorders do you treat?

I treat a wide variety of general psychiatric disorders and issues including anxiety and mood disorders. However, I have a specialization in reproductive psychiatry and women’s mental health. I also help patients with career, parenting adjustments, and relationship issues. Because of my subspecialty and additional training in internal medicine, I am also adept at addressing psychological symptoms associated with medical conditions and other health concerns I practice both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.

What is your general clinical philosophy?

Unlike Descartes’ influence on western medicine on the segregation of the mind and body as unrelated entities, I have always believed in a strong relationship in the mind and the body. They are inseparable. As a result of my belief, I pursued a unique training program and am board certified in both adult psychiatry and internal medicine. I approach patients and patients problems from a more holistic view and always maintain an awareness of the possible interactions of stress from the environment and its impact on the body and vice versa.

Do you always prescribe medication?

After a consultation I often advise and inform patients of all therapeutic options which may or may not include medications.  I also work with alternative forms of treatment if the patient prefers it.  However, there are clinical situations and disorders where nothing else is effective except known standard psychiatric medications.

Do you provide psychotherapy?

Yes. I have extensive experience in various psychotherapeutic techniques. Many of my patients currently are being treated with a combination of psychotherapy and medications. My other patients are being treated with either psychotherapy or medications alone.

Do you accept insurance?

I am considered “out-of-network” for most insurance plans.  My patients usually are able to get reimbursement (more typically 50% to 80%) by submitting a receipt to their insurance companies.  The only plan I would be considered “in-network” is Aetna.  Please check with your managed care plan for specifics about your out-of-network benefits.

If you have further questions, please call the practice main office at 201-222-8808.