Close-up Of A Person Video Conferencing With Hudson Psychiatric Associate Doctor.

Telepsychiatry During the Corona Virus


The Convenience Of Sessions From Your Home Or Office Via Computer

Telepsychiatry is a convenient and effective way to work with your psychiatrist and therapist. For busy professionals and parents, routine office visits, while necessary for quality medical care, are disruptive and time consuming. Additional time is used in travel and dealing with traffic, parking, or train schedules. Early or late hours, often more conducive to your schedules, are often unavailable or already booked. Telemedicine offers an ideal solution. 

We are a convenient and stress free solution during this Corona Virus Outbreak. 

Telepsychiatry uses inexpensive video conferencing technology. Several studies show that telepsychiatry is at least of equal efficacy as traditional in-person visits and has a high degree of patient satisfaction. Additionally, telepsychiatry provides access for underserved areas or for locations where transportation may be difficult.

How does telepsychiatry work?

Telepsychiatry at Hudson Psychiatric uses high definition video cameras over high speed internet connections to communicate with patients. Both verbal and non-verbal communication between doctor and patient allows for reliable diagnosis and treatment.

What is needed for a telepsychiatry session?

A computer with a web camera, ideally high definition, and a stable and secure broadband connection such as from cable or fiber optic. Please ensure your location is private and cannot be overheard by others to ensure confidentiality

How would a telepsychiatry treatment proceed?

Initially, a traditional face-to-face evaluation is needed to determine if telepsychiatry is appropriate. Follow up sessions would occur using video conferencing at regularly scheduled intervals.

How much are telepsychiatry sessions?

Hudson Psychiatric Associates maintains the same fee structure for in person consultations. However, not having to travel and be away from work, these medical visits effectively ‘cost’ less by saving you time.

What can’t be done over telepsychiatry sessions that are typically done in traditional visits?

While you can’t shake your doctor’s hand, there is very little that can’t be accomplished using telepsychiatry. Even blood pressure and weights can be reliably and readily measured by using a good electronic blood pressure monitoring cuff and a bathroom scale.

How are medications handled?

If you are on medicine, then most can be e-scribed or called into your local pharmacy. Controlled substances may require prescriptions to be mailed to your home.

If you would like to contact our Doctors, please call the main office at 201-222-8808.