Patient couple having psychologist consulting on marriage counselling

Relationship Distress

Understanding and Working through Relationship Distress

One may infer the prevalence of relationship distress when one considers the fact that the divorce rate in the United States has been about 50% over the past 30 years, and for those couples who remain married, approximately half report a high level of relationship satisfaction. Relationship conflict leading to relationship dissatisfaction can occur when couples are negotiating major life transitions, e.g. marriage, parenthood, geographic relocation, or job change, or when confronted with acute crises such as discovery of an infidelity, major illness, or pressing financial concerns. Untreated relationship issues negatively impact emotional and sexual intimacy, and by extension the growth and maturation of the individuals involved. Many couples find themselves trapped in recurring conflicts and destructive patterns of communication, which tends to lead to further polarization and estrangement. Similarly, negative consequences of parental discord may adversely affect children’s feeling of security and stability at home, and manifest in a variety of acting out behaviors, poor school performance, or impaired peer relationships. Couples therapy seeks to enhance relationship satisfaction by enlisting two individuals in an exploration of their relationship history, communication patterns, and interpersonal dynamics. A successful couple’s therapy leaves both partners feeling more confident they can manage relationship discord and promote both emotional safety and greater intimacy in their relationship.

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