The Psychiatrists at Hudson Psychiatric Associates are licensed medical doctors able to assess the relationship between physical and mental conditions. This comprehensive perspective helps provide a more complete assessment for patients.

Utilizing Telepsychiatry is a convenient and effective way to work with your psychiatrist and therapist. For busy professionals and parents, routine office visits, while necessary for quality medical care, are disruptive and time-consuming. Additional time is used in travel and dealing with traffic, parking, or train schedules. Early or late hours, often more conducive to your schedules, are often unavailable or already booked. Telemedicine offers an ideal solution.

Medication and/or Teletherapy

Psychiatrists offer specific expertise in introducing and managing medication to alleviate mood and other psychiatric symptoms.


A complete psychiatric evaluation can be done via video conferencing to determine if treatment is needed and what types of treatment would be most effective

Video Consultations

A psychiatric consultation may be requested as a second opinion or to collaborate with your regular treating doctor

We provide Telepsychiatry services for:

Children suffering from

Infant/Toddler Sleep problems

Separation Anxiety



Behavioral disturbances

Underperformance in school

Specific phobias

Individuals experiencing

Stress & Frustration


Low self-esteem

Mood Swings

Bipolar Illness

Personality changes


Anxiety & Panic attacks

Poor attention and concentration

Chronic medical conditions

Relationship problems

Career Issues

Life-work balance

Families/couples struggling with


Postpartum Depression

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

New Parent Adjustment

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Menopause related issues

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