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What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a psychologist,
and a clinical social worker?

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors (M.D.) able to assess the relationship between physical and mental conditions. This comprehensive perspective helps provide a more complete assessment for patients. After training in medical school, they complete a psychiatric residency where they have extensive supervised clinical experience in psychotherapy, in treating medical and mental conditions, and in consultation for assessment and treatment of mental issues, including ordering medical tests and prescribing medication.

Psychologists usually hold a Ph.D. and are professionals trained in graduate school in the field of psychology. Their training involves coursework, research, and supervised clinical experience. In a clinical setting, they provide psychotherapy treatment but are not able to prescribe medications or evaluate the biological impact of medical conditions on mental health.

Clinical social workers usually hold a M.S.W degree. Their training involves coursework and clinical supervised experience. In a clinical setting, they provide psychotherapy treatment. They frequently have experience in family and couples therapy.


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